Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Our Easter Weekend

I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend!
We sure did (other than Andrew having a cold and a horrible cough)!
Thursday during the day, Joseph and I dyed our Easter eggs. I hard-boiled them first because I figured toddler hands can't always be gentle (I was right)!
 photo DSCN3591_zps6650d961.jpg

He's getting his hair cut this week..he definitely needs it!

 photo DSCN3593_zps6bea59fe.jpg
His job was to drop the eggs into the different coloured dyes. He took it very seriously and made sure he got one in each colour.

 photo DSCN3595_zps28979d69.jpg
Afterwards he placed them into his train, counted them, named their colours and eventually drove the train on the ground.

We also decorated foam eggs, although Joseph decided to punch out all of the little circles instead of really decorating them but that's ok, because I had a great time!

 photo DSCN3597_zpsdf52d842.jpg
Late on Thursday night (9:30) we headed to The Husband's parents to celebrate my sister-in-law's birthday and Easter.
Friday night we had a feast on sushi, salmon and french fries as well as birthday cake, ice cream and cake pops! During the day, Joseph and my niece headed out to play with their bubble guns and go for a walk. After dinner, we headed out to the park to work off the cake and ice cream.
 photo DSCN3607_zpsdcd5c1bf.jpg
After our couple days at the in-laws, we headed to my parents house on Saturday night. We had roti for dinner and then the rest of the family played a rousing game of Catan while I dealt with the sick little baby.
Sunday, Joseph did a little egg hunt around the family room. I took some of the plastic eggs, put chocolate inside them and 'hid' them. The last thing that kid needs is chocolate (as he is currently up in his crib screaming).
I only wish it was a little warmer, but looking at the calendar, Easter next year is later in April so at least there's hope!
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