Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My Sincere Apologies

On Sunday, I had gone for a run and run my record thus far (5.01 km in 33:16 min) and was quite pleased with myself. As The Husband would say I was definitely patting myself on the back.
 Before I left, I had promised Joseph a car ride when I got back. I decided that he and I were going to share a sub so we headed to the store. I just staying in my running clothes since I was going to shower once we got back. I admit, I probably wasn't looking stellar or like a super model or anything, and I was wearing socks with sandals, but I had just gone for a run. I wasn't walking down a runway.
Joseph and I went in, ordered our sandwich and walked back out to the car. I put him in on his side of the car (passenger) and then walked around to get into my seat.
That's when I noticed them.
There was a car load of teenagers next to me and they were laughing. After taking a quick inventory, I couldn't find what they were looking at that would be so funny.
I realized with a sick, sinking feeling that it was me.
The one kid made eye contact with me and continued to laugh.
I almost starting crying right there in the car.
I said to Joseph, "When you get older please don't laugh at other people unless you're supposed to"
His response was "Chicken Muggets" (I'll explain later).
That bad, crappy feeling has lingered.
This situation has made me think back to when I was a teenager. I'm sure there were times that I laughed or smirked at someone that definitely did not deserve it. I remember looking at people thinking, what are they wearing, they shouldn't be running, holy crap!
I want to apologize to all of those people. You have no idea who you are and honestly, I don't either, but you didn't deserve it, even if you have no idea that it happened.
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