Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mother's Day Ideas

As most of you know, I love making gifts and Mother's Day is excellent.
In order to celebrate the grandparents, I give the grandmothers gifts at Mother's Day and the grandfathers gifts on Father's Day. I know there is Grandparents Day in September, but I feel that it makes it more special when the grandparents receive something from the boys on the specific day. Plus it kind of gets me off the hook since they are so excited about what the boys are giving them that they might not notice I didn't go all out!
Last year, I gave them these cute little vases using Joseph's hand print.
You can find the instructions here.
This year I'm making little gardening baskets and Joseph is going to be helping me out. We're planning on painting pots, gardening aprons and creating a cement garden stone for each Grandma. I might also do a plate or cup of some sort using permanent markers. Not sure yet.
We typically go for brunch with my family which is always an adventure. I haven't really asked for anything, although secretly I'm hoping The Husband does something.
What are you hoping to get for Mother's Day?
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