Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I met my goal!

With Joseph, I'd set out a plan to breastfeed him for at least the first 6 months.

We had a ridiculous amount of trouble. He had latch problems from the get go, he caused tons of damage and he lost a lot of weight. The first three months were horrible and I cried quite often. I'd dread looking at the clock because it would mean that I'd have to feed him again soon. It took him a long time to eat as well and we'd get a 2 hour break in between each feeding. He eventually went on a nursing strike that lasted while we were on vacation so we decided to switch to formula.
With Andrew it's been completely different.
I set a goal for 6 months, but wasn't as unrealistic in that if it didn't work it didn't work and I wasn't going to drive myself nuts making it work. 

Well, on April 1st, I reached my goal and April 2nd, I surpassed it! And as of today he's been breastfeeding for 6.5 months!
 photo DSC_0489_zpseb397db7.jpg
He latched well from Day 1, although we did go through some lazy latch days early on and he's been a really quick eater. Usually a nursing session only lasts 10-15 minutest at the most. He doesn't like bottles which kind of sucks but we've survived this long.
Now comes the tough part. I'm still not ready to be done.
I don't produce a crazy amount of milk since he rarely goes past the 3 hour mark. I hate my pump and therefore, I don't have many bottles. He's also started getting his two bottom teeth so that's a whole adventure I'm not sure I'm willing to head into.
 photo DSC_0521_zpsbf37ddd5.jpg

I guess we'll see how long we can last, but he's moving into his crib next week so we're going to be starting some sleep training and I kind of wish I knew exactly how much he was eating each feeding so I was sure he isn't hungry at night (which I figure because he doesn't nurse long at night at all).

It's all so up in the air!!!
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