Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Baseball Day!

Yesterday was the much anticipated opening day for the Toronto Blue Jays 2013 season!

The boys and celebrated by having a "Baseball Day"!

I dressed them up in their baseball 'gear' (pretty much any baseball item they had that fit)....

 photo DSC_0498_zps1dee3325.jpg
His top has bats on it and his socks have helmets!
We played some running in the house and some catch.

We made two crafts as well. The first, he decorated a banner.

 photo DSC_0513_zps4e92e624.jpg

The second craft was a floating baseball.

 photo DSC_0514_zpsea7114c3.jpg

I cut out 3 circles and painted on the center lines for the stitches. He then used the red paint and one finger and finished off the stitches (with some help).

I then glued the baseballs back to back to back to create the mobile.

Of course we had to watch the game too! Too bad they lost 4-1 but I sense a win tonight!

 photo DSC_0515_zps19c00455.jpg

Unfortunately, Joseph was sick so he didn't get to watch. Andrew had a cold (which he caught at our mom's group), which Joseph and I both have now. Of course, I can handle it better but Joseph doesn't know what to do with himself.

We took Joseph to his first game last year and he had a blast. I think he was more excited for the food and all of the people as opposed to the game and we spent lots of time walking around the concourse instead.

I can't wait to take them to a game this year. Apparently, the Jays aren't supposed to be horrible this year and are actually projected to win the American League East (the hardest division in baseball). I'm hoping this will lead to a playoff series and maybe the World Series! Eek!

 photo DSC_0510_zps32d2144b.jpg
Is it on yet?

I'm excited because I actually get to play softball this year and I'm in decent shape to be playing which is even more exciting!

Are you looking forward to baseball season??

Go Jays Go!
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