Monday, April 29, 2013

Apps I currently love!!

I entered the world of Smartphones about a year and a half ago.
Holy time sucker (but I love it)!
The big discussion around phones is what apps do you have on them.

Of course I have Instagram.


You can follow me at victoriam823

Another favourite right now is The Weather Network

I love this because the weather report is nice and quick to get especially when trying to see the weather by the hour. I love knowing when it's supposed to be sunny so I can take the boys outside.

I'm also using My Fitness Pal.

 This is where I keep track of all my calories that I've eaten, my exercise and my weight loss. I love having friends and family on this so that I'm more accountable for what I eat each day.

Lastly, I've found a new app to keep the boys busy while waiting for doctor's appointments or even just to keep them busy during the day. It's called PaciFone.


This app is great because it locks my phone so that Joseph can't access the actual phone and randomly dial someone or buy another app. He loves how the camera shows his face and that is has balloons and stars falling from it. He also likes how it can show all the other pictures I have on the phone (which are mostly him and his brother).

The best part about all these apps is that they are free. I admit, I'm cheap. I never pay for an app or an extension. I find something that is similar and if there isn't anything then I move on.

What are your favourite apps right now!? Any that you'd recommend?
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