Thursday, April 4, 2013

6 months!

Andrew turned 6 months old on Monday!
 photo DSCN3635_zps89467c92.jpg
He's already half a year old!
I think time is flying by because the two are keeping me ridiculously busy. I almost pass out at bedtime because I'm so tired!

At his appointment on Tuesday, his weight was 14 lbs. The only issue is that he is down around the 10th percentile now instead of at the 25th-50th where he used to be. The doctor figures it's because he's so mobile and active and that he has been sick for a few days. We have to go back at 9 months for a quick weight check.
Andrew is definitely a tough baby. I think some parts of it are easy because I've done it before with Joseph, but Andrew has entered into an entirely different realm of separation anxiety that I don't know how to handle it.
 photo DSCN3642_zps265c8a52.jpg
Joseph wanted in on the pictures too!
He still isn't sleeping through the night and is usually up twice throughout the night. However, he eats pretty quickly (a top-up if you will) and then goes back to sleep. He loves the sound machine (which The Husband hates) and so I'm hoping that once he makes the big move to the crib over the weekend we'll get some longer stretches. We're working on a more rigid napping schedule so hopefully we'll get all of our sleeping woes solved by the time I go back to work.
We've started solids but man is it a fight. His tongue still gets in the way and the first spoonful always gets spit back out. He's eaten rice cereal, butternut squash and pears. We've also got green beans, sweet potato, apple and mango in the freezer and ready to go.
 photo DSCN3644_zpsd0611ab7.jpg
He's trying desperately to crawl but can move himself forward while in a sitting position and scooting around on his bum. He can also push himself backwards to get to what he wants.

I love watching him develop each month. I think my favourite thing though is how he and Joseph respond to one another. They are starting to "wrestle" a little and Joseph constantly says Andrew is "so cute". Joseph runs up the stairs to get him from his naps and always asks where Andrew is if he can't see him.

Can't wait to see what the next few months bring!
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