Monday, April 29, 2013

Apps I currently love!!

I entered the world of Smartphones about a year and a half ago.
Holy time sucker (but I love it)!
The big discussion around phones is what apps do you have on them.

Of course I have Instagram.


You can follow me at victoriam823

Another favourite right now is The Weather Network

I love this because the weather report is nice and quick to get especially when trying to see the weather by the hour. I love knowing when it's supposed to be sunny so I can take the boys outside.

I'm also using My Fitness Pal.

 This is where I keep track of all my calories that I've eaten, my exercise and my weight loss. I love having friends and family on this so that I'm more accountable for what I eat each day.

Lastly, I've found a new app to keep the boys busy while waiting for doctor's appointments or even just to keep them busy during the day. It's called PaciFone.


This app is great because it locks my phone so that Joseph can't access the actual phone and randomly dial someone or buy another app. He loves how the camera shows his face and that is has balloons and stars falling from it. He also likes how it can show all the other pictures I have on the phone (which are mostly him and his brother).

The best part about all these apps is that they are free. I admit, I'm cheap. I never pay for an app or an extension. I find something that is similar and if there isn't anything then I move on.

What are your favourite apps right now!? Any that you'd recommend?
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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Weekend in Review!

It was another exciting weekend here at our house!
Friday night, my Mom, Andrew and I headed out to the Creativ Festival, which is literally like my Christmas! It's all about quilting, sewing, knitting, crocheting and scrapbooking. They have a show twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring and I literally save up and count down on the calendar.
Creativ Festival Giveway Door Prizes
The fall show is definitely bigger and Christmas focused but I love both of them!
On Saturday, I had gotten tickets to take Joseph to see a live show called Toopy and Binoo and the Marshmallow Moon. Toopy and Binoo are a cartoon about a mouse (Toopy) and his stuffed cat (Binoo) and all their crazy, little adventures. Joseph loves this show when it's on TV so I figured may as well try it for his first live show!
 photo DSCN3667_zpsb0d39a4a.jpg

We dropped Andrew off with my sister and her boyfriend, parked at their place (yay for free parking) and then walked to the theatre. Joseph sat on The Husband's lap and was thoroughly enthralled during the entire show.
 photo DSCN3676_zpsde4307a5.jpg

 photo DSCN3696_zps3776990d.jpg

 photo DSCN3714_zpsefbeef34.jpg
During intermission, I bravely headed out and bought him a stuffed animal called "Patchy Patch" which is what Binoo carries around with him. The darn thing cost me $35!!! However, I must say it was worth it because it hasn't left his sight since he got it yesterday. It has joined his 'entourage' of his blanket and Blue.

 photo DSCN3688_zpsa4a7f2e7.jpg
On Sunday, I also headed to the track to try out my shins. I did alright. 5K in 35:44 min. Not great, but I'm happy I lasted it with everything I have gone through with my shins. The only crappy part was running on the track. There was a soccer game in progress on the field and the parents took over the track! Two mothers actually set up lawn chairs in the lane that I had been running in. It was ridiculous!!!! I'm not looking forward to running on the track in the future, but it's definitely nicer on my shins.
What did you get up to on the weekend?? Now that the weather is getting nicer are you getting out more??
If I were to set up a fitness/nutrition link up once a week, would anyone be interested in joining??? It wouldn't be a weigh in per say, just sharing tips, recipes etc.
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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mother's Day Ideas

As most of you know, I love making gifts and Mother's Day is excellent.
In order to celebrate the grandparents, I give the grandmothers gifts at Mother's Day and the grandfathers gifts on Father's Day. I know there is Grandparents Day in September, but I feel that it makes it more special when the grandparents receive something from the boys on the specific day. Plus it kind of gets me off the hook since they are so excited about what the boys are giving them that they might not notice I didn't go all out!
Last year, I gave them these cute little vases using Joseph's hand print.
You can find the instructions here.
This year I'm making little gardening baskets and Joseph is going to be helping me out. We're planning on painting pots, gardening aprons and creating a cement garden stone for each Grandma. I might also do a plate or cup of some sort using permanent markers. Not sure yet.
We typically go for brunch with my family which is always an adventure. I haven't really asked for anything, although secretly I'm hoping The Husband does something.
What are you hoping to get for Mother's Day?
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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Oh Shin I loathe you!

This is why I never became a runner in high school.
Shin splints.
They are definitely the bane of my running existence.
I've had them since I've been running longer distances and amounts of time, but it wasn't horrible. They wouldn't hurt while I was running, but I'd feel a slight pain around my shin when I stopped.
The red 'shin splint pain' line should be on fire! That's what mine feels like!
After my amazing-ness on Sunday, stupidly, I didn't stretch, didn't ice and went about doing other things.
It came back to bite me in the butt.
Today's light run, turned into a really light run with lots of pain. I didn't even get 3 km (close though 2.84km). I had to walk the rest of the way home. When I stopped at lights it hurt to start moving again and I was noticeably limping. I was almost nauseous because of it.
So, I'm off running until the weekend, which sucks because come Saturday my race is one week away. I hate how much it sucks and the fact that I'm sidelined for a bit.
Anyone else deal with an injury just before a race?
I'm seriously panicking here!

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My Sincere Apologies

On Sunday, I had gone for a run and run my record thus far (5.01 km in 33:16 min) and was quite pleased with myself. As The Husband would say I was definitely patting myself on the back.
 Before I left, I had promised Joseph a car ride when I got back. I decided that he and I were going to share a sub so we headed to the store. I just staying in my running clothes since I was going to shower once we got back. I admit, I probably wasn't looking stellar or like a super model or anything, and I was wearing socks with sandals, but I had just gone for a run. I wasn't walking down a runway.
Joseph and I went in, ordered our sandwich and walked back out to the car. I put him in on his side of the car (passenger) and then walked around to get into my seat.
That's when I noticed them.
There was a car load of teenagers next to me and they were laughing. After taking a quick inventory, I couldn't find what they were looking at that would be so funny.
I realized with a sick, sinking feeling that it was me.
The one kid made eye contact with me and continued to laugh.
I almost starting crying right there in the car.
I said to Joseph, "When you get older please don't laugh at other people unless you're supposed to"
His response was "Chicken Muggets" (I'll explain later).
That bad, crappy feeling has lingered.
This situation has made me think back to when I was a teenager. I'm sure there were times that I laughed or smirked at someone that definitely did not deserve it. I remember looking at people thinking, what are they wearing, they shouldn't be running, holy crap!
I want to apologize to all of those people. You have no idea who you are and honestly, I don't either, but you didn't deserve it, even if you have no idea that it happened.
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Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekend in Review

I've decided that for the next few Monday's I'm going to do a weekend in review. We have so many exciting things coming up on weekends that I want to share but they might not make up an entire post on their own.
This weekend, we headed out on Friday night for dinner with out favourite people! Yay Mandarin!
 photo DSC_0615_zpse57b5b2f.jpg
This is why I run! I can't pass up cupcakes, nanaimo bars and waffles with berries and whipped cream.
Saturday, Andrew and I headed out to the Made By Hand show. It was nice to get out and do a little shopping. Everything I bought was for Joseph and Andrew since I'm not a huge jewellery person but it was nice to see what people create. I've decided that I want to open a shop, I just need to figure out what to sell (any ideas?)!
 photo DSC_0616_zps1174d83c.jpg
Andrew in his new ride!
Saturday night, we moved Joseph to his 'big boy bed'! I'd been planning to do this for weeks but there's always been some reason to not do it. Well, this weekend, no excuses. He did really well! So far he's slept two full nights in it, no wake ups and he stays in it until we come to get him in the morning. The test will be nap time today!
 photo DSC_0617_zpscd2115f0.jpg
Joseph's 'big boy' bed!
Sunday, we took the boys to the zoo with Grandma, Papa and our niece (which was a great surprise for Joseph). It was Teacher Day so we got in free! Joseph loves the zoo so I'm going to get myself a membership so I can take the boys throughout the summer (especially because they're free under three). They also have an awesome splash pad which will be nice in the summer.
 photo DSC_0621_zpsa9293d24.jpg
On the merry-go-round. He worked himself up into a nervous frenzy before it started.
I also spent some time on Pinterest but didn't pin too much. I haven't had much of a chance to spend a good chunk of time on there lately and I definitely need to! There's so many cute things, like these pants from Me Sew Crazy.

Oh, I also ran 5.01 km in 33:14 min. on Sunday. I'm psyched for my race now! Today is definitely TLC on the shin splints kind of day!

What did you do this weekend?
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Friday, April 19, 2013

30 lbs gone!

I'm down to 162 lbs!

That means thus far I've lost a total of...

30 lbs!

Here are some updated pictures:

 photo PicMonkeyCollage_zpsd1c8f84d.jpg
 Left in January and right taken yesterday.
 photo PicMonkeyCollage2_zps1f1c8af0.jpg
Side view: January (L) and yesterday (R)
There's only 15 days left until my 5K and I'm feeling really good about it! My sister-in-law and I just registered for Colour Me Rad in June (another 5K) so I'm really excited about that one too!
I need to start adding in other training as opposed to just running to start toning up some areas but I'm damn proud of what I've done thus far!
During naptime I have a date with Jillian Michaels and her 30 Day Shred!
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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Date Nights - Update!

If you remember, way back in January, I shared my late Christmas present for The Husband.

It was the monthly date nights.

We've been going on them (for the most part) I just haven't kept you updated!

This month, the date in the envelope was a trip to the Movies!

I know, I know....boring!

I went with movies because you never know what the weather will be like in April so I didn't want to schedule something outside and it be crappy or schedule something inside with it gorgeous outside!

However, I got lucky.

My father-in-law gave us tickets to a Leafs game and  he provided babysitting (bonus!!!)

 photo DSC_0548_zpsbd006d5e.jpg

I was nervous leaving the boys with him, not because I question his abilities (which I don't, he's amazing) but because the two boys can be a big handful.

 photo DSC_0547_zpsf1285ff7.jpg

It was a fantastic game and we had a great night out. The only bad part, screwing up the times for the train and missing it by seconds!

 photo DSC_0550_zps0429e812.jpg

We still have to make up our date night from March, which was rock climbing. The month flew by and before I knew it we were into April!

The summer dates are lots of fun, so I can't wait to share them with you!
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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I met my goal!

With Joseph, I'd set out a plan to breastfeed him for at least the first 6 months.

We had a ridiculous amount of trouble. He had latch problems from the get go, he caused tons of damage and he lost a lot of weight. The first three months were horrible and I cried quite often. I'd dread looking at the clock because it would mean that I'd have to feed him again soon. It took him a long time to eat as well and we'd get a 2 hour break in between each feeding. He eventually went on a nursing strike that lasted while we were on vacation so we decided to switch to formula.
With Andrew it's been completely different.
I set a goal for 6 months, but wasn't as unrealistic in that if it didn't work it didn't work and I wasn't going to drive myself nuts making it work. 

Well, on April 1st, I reached my goal and April 2nd, I surpassed it! And as of today he's been breastfeeding for 6.5 months!
 photo DSC_0489_zpseb397db7.jpg
He latched well from Day 1, although we did go through some lazy latch days early on and he's been a really quick eater. Usually a nursing session only lasts 10-15 minutest at the most. He doesn't like bottles which kind of sucks but we've survived this long.
Now comes the tough part. I'm still not ready to be done.
I don't produce a crazy amount of milk since he rarely goes past the 3 hour mark. I hate my pump and therefore, I don't have many bottles. He's also started getting his two bottom teeth so that's a whole adventure I'm not sure I'm willing to head into.
 photo DSC_0521_zpsbf37ddd5.jpg

I guess we'll see how long we can last, but he's moving into his crib next week so we're going to be starting some sleep training and I kind of wish I knew exactly how much he was eating each feeding so I was sure he isn't hungry at night (which I figure because he doesn't nurse long at night at all).

It's all so up in the air!!!
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Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I found myself asking that over and over yesterday.
Why target hundreds of thousands of people who are there celebrating 27, 000 runners' accomplishments and just enjoying the day?

I'm scared for what this world is turning into. I worry about what my boys will have to deal with in the future. People can't even enjoy life anymore without constantly being on guard that something might happen.

I was looking at my Instagram yesterday morning (#bostonmarathon) before the marathon began and just as people were starting the race.

There were so many happy faces. So much excitement and anticipation of what the day will bring.

Later in the afternoon, I rechecked my Instagram (same hashtag).

Such devastation. So much sadness. It broke my heart.

However, as I watched the coverage on TV later in the day, I was proud to see people running to help those runners coming through and those that were directly hit by the bombs. Instead of running away to save themselves, they dove in head first to help other out. Yes, a lot were first responders but there were others too. Those who don't do that day in, day out.

It gives me hope. A little bit of hope that there still is good. Hope that strangers will help strangers.

I'm going to hold onto that little piece of hope, for now.

mister rogers helpers quote
I saw this on my Instagram and love it.

Those of you directly affected, I'm sorry and you are in my thoughts and prayers.
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Monday, April 15, 2013

Weekend recap!

I almost did it!
I ran 4.79 km yesterday in a time of 33:16 min.
I finally feel ready for the race on May 4 (just a few days after posting this).
I felt really good once it was finished and never got to the point of ""
I'm now very excited for my 1st race!
In other news, we went to visit The Husband's family this weekend for my nephew's baptism. We almost didn't go because they had a horrible ice storm Friday during the day and a lot of their city was without power. We decided to chance it and by the time we got there the power was back on and the drive up was easy. There was so much damage from all the ice. It was crazy!
Click to print image
The baptism was fantastic. Joseph was slightly crazy since he hadn't seen his cousins in a bit so he went a little nuts. Luckily, the priest was really understanding and included him in the baptism process. I can't wait to see how his baptism is going to go at the beginning of June.
Sunday, my father-in-law and The Husband took Joseph to the little community zoo and he apparently chased a chicken around for awhile. After a nice, quiet trip home we got all settled back in and ready for another week to start!
How was your weekend?
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