Sunday, March 24, 2013

Why did you sign up for a 5K?

The Husband asked me a question the other night.
"Why did you sign up for a 5K? What is your goal? Why not just run in the neighbourhood?"
He wasn't asking it to be snarky or sarcastic or negative, he was just being curious. But it definitely got me thinking.
I know why I'm running.
IMG_20130112_175533_zpsfc0ed6b6 photo IMG_20130112_175533_zpsfc0ed6b6.jpg
I started to run to help me lose weight initially. I figured a lot of the people I see running are skinny, why not try it.
I had heard really good things about the Couch to 5K program and how many people avoided injuries and were successful in completing it.

But why do a 5K race?
I think that paying for and participating in a race are keeping me accountable. I hate paying for things and not doing them. Therefore, signing up for the race means I'm going to do it.
If I was just to run in the neighbourhood, I'd probably mail it in. I'd get to a certain point and say 'meh'.
But there has to more to it than just being accountable right?
I asked a group of ladies that have all participated in races of all different lengths. Here's why they run in races as opposed to just around the neighbourhood.

"There's a different sort of atmosphere that you get at a race
that you just don't get in your neighbourhood. It's fun and challenging
and you get to run beside people you've never met before and everyone
is supportive and cheering!"
~ Lisa ~

"You're usually supporting some charity or cause which is
an added feel good"
~ Melanie ~

"Holds you to a goal!"
~ Kirsten ~

"You tend to run faster in a race,
so races are a good way to push yourself to the next level"
~ Tracy ~

"Knowing I have a race coming up is motivation to keep running
in between races"
~ Kate ~

"There are fun ones. A color run and a mud run. They aren't just standard runs"
~ Molly ~

I'm excited and anxious for my race. I want to experience everything that these lovely ladies mentioned! I am a competitive person, however, my competitiveness is more towards myself than it was. I used to love to beat other teams, come in first, be the best. Now, I want to be the best I can be to myself. I want to make myself better.

Alright, I guess medals and cool t-shirts help.

It's a Bumble Bee Medal
 Who wouldn't want this cute little medal?
It's what the runners get in one of the races I'm signed up for!

If you're a runner, why do you run?!
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