Sunday, March 17, 2013

Weekend update!

We had a really great weekend!
It wasn't a crazy weekend where we had tons to get done and were running around from place to place and in fact I'd say it was probably the opposite. It just feels like it was a 'successful' weekend.
On Friday, I successfully made my first pizza. The Husband has been making pizza for awhile (I've been putting the ingredients into the bread maker for the dough), but Friday, I decided that I'd try to make the pizza. Here's the finished product:
 photo DSC_0400_zps06be0197.jpg
I think it came out fairly well. It was really yummy!
Saturday, since we have church in the evening I usually pick something quick and easy for dinner or something that has to go into the slow cooker. This week, we went with pulled pork but of course I forgot the apple cider that I need to put in the slow cooker with the pork shoulder. Lucky me, J had 4 apple juice boxes in the fridge. Into the slow cooker their went, along with onions and brown sugar and dinner was delicious.
I also managed to escape the house on Saturday to go to the Under Armour outlet store (minus the boys)! I got a couple tank tops, but I also grabbed another pair of running tights for half off $34 (so I paid about $18). While out, I went to one of my favourite coffee shops and got a hot chocolate, so yummy! I used to get them every Friday morning on my way into work and now I rarely get them because I'm at a different school so this is definitely a treat!
Sunday, I went and bought this:

 photo DSC_0423_zps39933c84.jpg
This is definitely my new toy and I'm so excited to start using it tomorrow when my running buddy, Emily, and I go for our run! We're finally on Week 9 of C25K so we'll be running 30 minutes straight (ahhh)! I've been trying to use the GPS on my phone to see how far we've been running but it always cuts out. I decided that since I'm getting somewhat serious about this running stuff (at least 3 races planned) I want to be able to see how far I'm running as well as some pacing stuff. I'll let you know how it works and how far we run!

We didn't really 'celebrate' St. Patrick's Day, but we did wear our St. Patrick's Day shirts and have some green pancakes.

 photo DSC_0413_zpse24b4376.jpg  photo DSC_0411_zps3fdb3da5.jpg

 photo DSC_0410_zpsbd3478f8.jpg
A lot more appetizing than they look!
Lastly, A started his adventure into "big boy" food! He's 5.5 months now so we've started with rice cereal just to get him use to eating. He's been sitting up for awhile and is constantly staring at us while we eat. Also, the boys are heading to daycare in August and he'll only be 10.5 months (most kids enter at 12 months). I want to make sure he'll be able to eat almost everything they'll be giving him so the earlier we start the better.
 photo DSC_0421_zps1c47d37a.jpg
He did a great job, except that after every spoonful he'd stick his fingers and hand into his mouth, making a mess! J loved watching him eat and I think he's happy that he no longer has to sit in the booster seat/high chair. I'm sure there are going to be tons of messes and I'll gladly be sharing pictures!
What were you up to this weekend?
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