Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spring Style

There isn't much of Spring here yet and quite frankly, I'm not really a fan of it.
With all the snow we get, it takes a while to melt out and everything is all mushy, muddy and gross. It's my least favourite season.

However, there are nice times during when the warm weather comes around and everything starts to bloom. We have some tulips that always pop out of our garden.

There isn't much difference in the clothing I dress the boys in. We don't have fancy Easter dinners and because of the mud they pretty much live in sweat pants.

They did have Easter pictures (which I'm dying to share as soon as I get them) so I got some new polos for them.

Here's what J wore:

Here's what A wore:

Nothing special.

They'll probably wear them for Easter dinner (and make a big mess of them)!
Also, a new staple in the wardrobe with the muddiness is:


It's too warm for regular snow pants, but since I don't want to have to do tons of laundry every day, they'll help keep J a little cleaner.

I'd love to have a little girl to put into an Easter dress this time of the year since there are so many adorable little dresses and outfits!

Although my little guys look quite handsome in their polos!

Linking up with Melissa over at Growing Up Geeky to check out some other adorable Spring outfits!
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