Sunday, March 10, 2013

Random Rambling

I have so many thoughts bouncing around in my head so I think it's time to share:
- my kids are horrible sleepers. Alright, J isn't that bad anymore, but A is still up 2 - 3 times a night. Luckily, the time change has had no effect on their sleeping. J got up at the same time on the clock as he would any other morning and took a great nap. Same with, his regular wake up and nap schedule. Yay!
- I didn't believe it when people said this, but the second time definitely goes much faster. I can't believe that A is already 5 months old. We're starting solids in about a week with him because he's staring down our food.
- I'm so happy that baseball season is almost here which means it's almost spring/summer! I love spending Saturday/Sunday afternoon with the windows open, the breeze coming through the house and the baseball game on the TV. Go Jays go!
Toronto Blue Jays Trade

- I entered a contest to take J to Monster Jam. I never thought of myself as a Monster Jam type of person, but I guess I could become one?
- We're flip-flopping between daycare and a nanny. Why do these decisions have to be so difficult?
- I wish I had a main floor washer/dryer. I hate dragging the laundry to basement, let alone pray that I won't fall down the stairs.
- I can't decide which is the lesser of two evils: grocery shopping on the weekend when it's insanely busy, or grocery shopping with the two boys and no space in the cart. Right now, it's the weekend.
- I started a new craft and a new book, but I'm so tired that I start working or reading and then I put it down because my eyes are getting heavy!
- A is ready for the crib but J isn't ready to get out. Which one do I make suffer more? A in the pack 'n' play for a few more months or force J into a big boy bed before he's ready and start dealing with crazy getting him into bed times. Not sure again!
What about you? Any random ramblings? 
Hope you had a wonderful weekend!
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