Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Oh crap! It's one of those days.

Where do I begin?
My two lovely boys sleep like crap.
There is more snow outside.
Overwhelmed with trying to get the house ready to put on the market.
It's definitely one of those days. A still gets up every 3 hours at night so last night was 2 and 5. I was woken up at 1:30 for some reason meaning I managed to get back to sleep for about half an hour before the crying started for food. Then, once I finished feeding A at 5 am and was just back to sleep, a lovely sound over the monitor woke me right back up at 5:30. At least A slept until 7:15 after I put him back down, but up until now (10:30), he's had a ten-minute nap. Yay.
Then there's the snow. Last night's 'storm' cancelled my run because it was way to windy, cold and there was a high chance of freezing rain. Therefore I haven't run since Saturday and I'm definitely feeling the itch. It's days like this that assist in my crappy eating too.
The snow puts another damper on a cleaning activity I was going to do, which would be washing the windows. Can't do that because I don't want to step outside in the freezing cold air to wipe grubby little prints off that have been there since the summer.
Plus, we have to go grocery shopping at some point.
There is not enough caffeine (or wine) to get me through this day with a smile on my face.
Maybe something a little stronger?
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