Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Mommy Pet Peeves

I'm so excited. Melissa over at Growing Up Geeky is bring back Toddle Along Tuesday. She's had a lot to deal with lately and put Toddle Along Tuesday on hiatus. Now that she's feeling better, she's bringing it back! I love this hop because it's all about Mommy's and I usually find at least 5 posts that I really relate to.
This week's topic is Mommy Pet Peeves!
Here we go:
Mommy wars
I guess they will always be there and I know I'm guilty of it at times. My kid is better than yours, mine sat up at 3 months, mine started walking at 7 months, my kid sleeps worse than yours, I BF for 370 months compared to your 4.5. Honestly, I hate this. Everyone has to compare their kids, diaper bags, strollers, lack of sleep, number of poos, etc. I understand some people need to whine, complain and brag about their children constantly, but I don't want to hear it, nor do I want you to compare any of it to me. If I mention I was up twice last night because of A, don't tell me you were up seven times. Yes, it's nice to know you're up with me, but why does it have to be a contest?
Changing (or poo-pooing) my schedule
I seriously dislike when my schedule with the boys is changed. Granted, it's a fairly loose schedule mainly consisting of nap and bed time, but still. People don't always realize how hard it is to get them back onto the schedule that works for us. Soon we'll be getting A on a more rigid schedule and if anything takes away from that I'll be ticked! Also, people that say that a schedule doesn't matter. To me it does. The three of us need the schedule we have, 'nough said.
 photo PhotoGrid_1361153795022_zps6c81e32c.jpg
What happens when the schedule is pushed aside!
 The Husband leaving the sink dirty after dishes
This disgusts me for some reason. Yes I'm thankful he does the dishes, but I hate seeing all the little bits in the sink. Gross!
People who use the elevator that don't need to
Having a stroller and two kids means I can't get up the stairs or the escalator. Therefore, I need the elevator. As does the person in the wheelchair behind me. Don't get me wrong, I understand there are some people that look as though they can use the stairs that can't, but at the same time, the teenagers that I just saw run through the mall chasing each other can easily use the stairs. They don't need to squish into the elevator leaving me to wait.
People staring at me while my toddler has a tantrum or my baby has a meltdown
You don't need to gawk, stare or tsk tsk. I know it looks ridiculous and believe me I'm embarrassed beyond belief, but my kid isn't getting away with something because I don't want him screaming in public (of course there are situations where I just take him away but still). And don't worry, my baby isn't going to die because I have to put him down in the car seat for 5 minutes instead of carrying him around. You concern is appreciate but not needed.

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