Friday, March 15, 2013

I Spy Swap - Part 1

I'm finally participating in an I Spy Swap!
I've seen these a couple times on some of my favourite craft blogs and wanted to participate, but never did. I finally signed up for one and I'm quite excited about it.
An I Spy quilt it a quilt where there are many different novelty printed fabrics sewn together. You can literally play 'I Spy' once you are done putting it all together.
For this particular swap, I signed up over at Helping Little Hands.
What is required is collecting up 10 different novelty prints and cutting them into 20 4" squares. You bundle them into their 20 different piles (one square of each fabric in each bundle) and mail them off to whoever is responsible for running the swap. That person then adds that other squares from the other participants and mails all 200 different squares back to you. Then you sew!
The best part about this was that I didn't need to purchase any fabric! Instead, I went 'shopping' at my mom's house who has an awesome fabric stash! I could have looked through everything all day long.
Here are the 10 prints I chose to go with.
 photo ispyfabric_zps12e3bb8e.jpg
I'll be posting an update when I receive my 200 squares and then as I get the quilt finished.
Any fun crafting on your end this weekend?
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