Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I am not a yoga person...

If you've been following my fitness progress, you'll know that I'm in a Fitness Challenge with some other moms who had kids in January 2011 (so they're all J's age).
The challenge lasted 10 weeks and each week we were responsible for keeping track of how we were doing. We got a point each day for staying within our calorie range (easier for me with my extra breastfeeding calories) and one for working out. Each week, we were also tasked with doing a challenge workout.
This week, our challenge is yoga.
Downward dog?! Cow pose?! Cat pose?! Huh!?
It's so boring!!!!!!
Sorry to you ladies that love yoga, but I just can't, don't and won't get it.
I need to be up, moving and running around in order to feel like I'm doing something positive for my body. I know it's supposed to be relaxing and it's very useful for stretching everything out, but it's too slow. I found myself breathing faster in order to move to the next pose.

For me, I need the running and the sports. I need the upbeat, energetic type exercises to keep my interest and keep me moving! I guess that's why I've taken to the Couch to 5 K program. I honestly am SO pumped for my runs in May and June!

Couch to 5k logo

Are there any exercises you absolutely hate?
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