Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Holy Hair!

My hair is ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous.
99.9% of the time it's in a bun on the top of my head because it gets in the way.
The 0.1% that it is down is in the shower when I wash it. Sometimes (I dare say when I get time) I straighten it.
I'm starting to get gray hair and it gets frizzy very quickly.
I need a fix.
I don't wash it often (about 2 times a week) because with it up in a bun it gets knotted very easily and therefore turns into a big rat's nest and is hard to brush.
Here's what happened when I brushed it tonight (and that took 10 minutes):
 photo DSC_0446_zps529dc992.jpg
I'm probably going to go get it highlighted before the summer and I've thought about chemically straightening it, but I like the curl, I just can't figure out how the heck to deal with it.
Right now, my current hair care system is wash, leave it down to dry and then stick it up in a bun. Then brush it (usually with tears involved) and repeat!

I need some help.

If you have hair like me, what do you do to it? What is your hair care routine? What products do you use?

You can clearly see, I need help!
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