Sunday, March 31, 2013

Hello Spring!

Alright, I know I completely bad mouthed Spring earlier this week, but come on! I had full reason to!
Finally, Spring arrived!
Our temperatures soared to 10 degrees Celsius (50 F for my American friends)!
I managed to get both boys out to the park Wednesday morning! It was wonderful!
 photo DSCN3581_zps16175322.jpg
 photo DSCN3565_zps0bccb342.jpg
It was Andrew's first 'real' time at the park. We'd taken him in the fall when he was just a little bitty newborn, but he hates the infant seat so much that he pretty much screamed as soon as I stopped pushing him in the stroller. This time, being almost 6 months (what!?), he was able to sit in the swing.

This is what he looked like most of the time...

 photo 72b1e8b3-99fc-4ec6-8e94-0e721468d7d8_zps92bb2d85.jpg

...but I did manage to get a smile out of him a one point.
 photo DSCN3559_zps4f13f9b1.jpg
Joseph's been out to the park a couple times this spring and he went a bunch of times in the winter as well. You can't keep the kid away from it!
 photo DSCN3573_zps5cd45649.jpg

 photo 389d800d-3569-4654-84de-3f08b355c351_zps4a20c74b.jpg
Apparently the fresh air and the swing exhausted Andrew because he couldn't keep his eyes open on the walk home.

 photo DSCN3589_zps2d6f9833.jpg  
 I'm loving this warm weather and can't wait for the hotter weather to arrive. It means softball season, windows open and swimming pools!


I'll post about our Easter tomorrow. Haven't had a chance to upload all the pictures yet!
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