Thursday, March 21, 2013

Felt Memory Game

I finished another craft that I absolutely love!
This time I made a felt memory game for the boys to play with. J kind of plays with it properly and A just eats them, but they turned out really cute and I'm really excited to make more and create the "expansion packs" as The Husband calls them.
 photo DSCN3528_zps528a52e4.jpg
This is a really easy craft.
It is made solely out of felt.
To begin with I cut the felt into 3 inch squares.
I cut out 32 - 16 for the front and 16 for the back. Each square needs a backing so that you can't tell what's on the front (duh! Didn't realize this at first).
I then decided what objects that I wanted on the front. In this case, I created:
 photo DSCN3531_zps91c4d287.jpg
- fish, baseball, apple, heart, sun, football, boat, cookie
I cut each object out out felt, used embroidery thread to sew it to one of the 3 inch squares. I also sewed a blue border around each square. Then I attached a piece of backing (an empty square with a border) on the back using a blanket stitch.
 photo DSCN3533_zps857d0989.jpg
As I said before, I'm really pleased with how they turned out.
Some of the "expansion packs" will be alphabet, numbers and colours. I figure the boys will get a good number of years of fun out of them and then I can bring them to school and use them there (the joys of teaching primary grades).
 photo DSCN3525_zpsa0ad1f3b.jpg
What do you think?
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