Friday, March 8, 2013

Do you see a change?

I haven't updated my fitness journey in awhile.
Personally, I feel that is it just alright. I'm not losing as fast as I would like and I've stalled out at around 167-168ish.
Here is a before and after picture. The before was taken January 21, 2013 and the after was taken March 6th, so just a little over 7 weeks.

 photo frontview_zpsc9f7be8c.jpg

I honestly am not as happy with it as I probably should be. I've analyzed this picture for 2 days and see some slight differences but again, not as much as I'd like.
Anyway, my running buddy and I are just finishing up week 7 of the Couch 2 5K program which is 25 straight minutes of running. No walking intervals involved. We're doing really well with it too and I'm positive we'll be ready for the 5K in May.
I'm also signing up for two other races. Another 5K in June at the Bread and Honey Festival in our city and then a 10K in September at the Zoo. I was thinking of doing a half in September, but I'll just be back to work and things will be pretty crazy. It'll be enough to keep up with any exercise and training for a 10K at that time.
My biggest downfall is still my eating. I'm basically relying on the extra 500 calories I get from breastfeeding everyday. I eat better in that I stay within my calories every day, but I'm not eating healthy everyday. Once I stop breastfeeding A, I'm probably going to struggle with it but for now I need them. I always say that I'm going to eat better and stick to it and then something comes up (like a trip to the store). I think meal planning has helped but I'm going to start adding in more fruits and veggies.
On another note, my felt book was featured on one of my favourite craft/DIY blogs today! I just started a new craft project (one that's easy to clean each day) and I can't wait to share it with you all. Hopefully it won't take too long!

Happy Hour Projects

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