Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Cute picture time!

I decided I'd share some recent pictures of the boys. Well, lo and behold, I really only have pictures of A. The 2-year old won't let me take any pictures. At all! All I get is, "No, Mommy!" with a hand in front of his face. I did manage to get one below.
 photo DSCN3491_zps5466ac2e.jpg
Sitting up and wearing J's conductor hat!
 photo DSCN3480_zpsb60b01cb.jpg
Posing for his 5 month pictures

 photo DSCN3468_zps022ccd25.jpg
Practicing using his sippy cup (it's empty but he wanted to be like his big brother)

 photo DSCN3465_zps64388023.jpg
Morning sippy cup time!

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