Monday, February 25, 2013

The day we closed down the toddler pool...

Yup, you read that correctly!
My lovely 2 year old son, J, single-handidly closed down the toddler pool at an indoor water park.
 photo DSC_0311_zps9fbd84fd.jpg
J and his cousin at lunch time!
This past weekend, we headed to Waves indoor water park in Niagara Falls. I got an excellent deal on Groupon for a day pass. So, the four of us (A, J, The Husband and I) joined my sister and my nephew and decided to spend the day there.
The boys had a fantastic time. Americana was a great choice because it's got some bigger slides, but there are a lot of things for younger kids like J to play with and watch.

 photo DSC_0307_zpsc4732e5b.jpg
So cute!
Of course, my child heads straight into the wave pool, which was fine when the waves weren't going, but as soon as that bell went off that the waves were starting, we went closer to the "beach" entrance and were able to play in the waves without getting knocked over.
They also had a big bucket that will fill up and pour all over who was standing under it. J wanted to play with the target that was painted on the ground (so people could stand there and get sprayed) but as soon as he heard the bucket start to tip he was gone.
 photo DSC_0305_zpscf3692a9.jpg
The bucket of terror for J!
We had some pizza, garlic bread and wings for lunch and headed back out.
About an hour or two after lunch, The Husband comes speeding back from the toddler pool carrying J. He shows me all J's leg and I immediately think "What happened? Did he fall?" The Husband goes, "We're those parents".

Yup. We were 'those parents', whose toddler pooped in the pool.
'Those parents', whose toddler proceeded to shut down the toddler pool so that they could add more chlorine, shock it and then clean it out.
The Husband went to clean him and came back to announce that the swimsuit was not going to be salvageable for the remainder of the afternoon and it was time to go.
 photo DSC_0306_zps21d2c340.jpg
Little chunky baby to interrupt the story!
After discussing it, we determined two things:
a) both of us forgot to change J's swim diaper during the day (he usually tells us if he's pooped) so we figured he hadn't
b) giving him spicy buffalo chicken pizza the night before and chicken curry the night before that might mess up a toddler's poop.
Either way, he had a great time. We were thoroughly embarrassed but luckily his 2 year old little psyche is alright since he has no clue what happened.
We did have to wash him down when we got home since his skin has bad reactions to chlorine, but I think we'd do it all again!
Any embarrassing water park stories to make me feel better?
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