Monday, February 11, 2013

Physically Fit - Update and What I'm Wearing

I'm down to 170 lbs!
That's 22lbs down from when I started keeping track and 40 from my heaviest (just before having A).

Before I had the boys, I was never one to love working out. I did it to try to look good. To have single digits on my pants, look decent in a swim suit and be able to hang in with my sports.
I'm enjoying it now. I love running. L-O-V-E it!
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At this point, my running buddy, Emily, and I are on Week 5 of the Couch-to-5K program. We're up to 5 minutes of running, 3 minutes of walking. Surprisingly (to myself), I'm hanging in there! I'm definitely going to be ready for the 5K in May.
Up to this point, we've run mostly at night in freezing cold temperatures but the actual weather and sidewalks haven't been too bad. Then we hit this point.
Friday, we got the giant snowstorm so we took Friday off from running. We put it off on Saturday too but we went Sunday instead. We ran through snow. The city did a crappy job plowing some areas and we were high stepping through the snow. We ran last night (Monday) and it was even worse. This time, we had to deal with ice! It got so warm during the day (and rainy) that the snow started to melt, the sidewalks got wet and started to freeze for our run. We were stepping lightly! We're ready if there is snow or ice for our run in May.
So, running in -5, -10 degree weather requires some special clothing or at least lots of it.
Running tights (a must in the cold weather)
Turtleneck base layer
On top of the turtleneck I wear a fleece sweater and then my running jacket. Sometimes I even put another shirt in between the turtleneck and fleece just for a little extra warmth.
If it's really cold, I put track pants on over my running tights to help with the bitter cold.
On top, I wear fleece mittens, my toque (hat) and sometimes a neck warmer.
It takes a couple minutes to be able to move in it all, but it eventually works out and I can move.
I can't wait for warmer weather so that I don't need to worry about running in the snow and ice but also so I can wear fewer layers. I'm already picking out some cute tops to run in once it gets warmer!
How are your New Years resolutions/goals going?
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