Wednesday, February 27, 2013

It's coming....

I'm so excited! Possibly even more than when I got my positive pregnancy tests!
Alright, maybe not that excited, but still, there is a lot of excitement over here.
There are only a couple of months until....
comes to Canada!

Well, in order to make space for it, Target bought out Zellers (kind of like Wal-mart just cheaper).

The Zellers just around the corner is going out of business so one day when we were at the mall I decided to pop in and see what was available since everything was 50-80% off.

It was fairly picked over but I figured I'd go buy J some big boy underwear. We aren't anywhere close to potty training (see yesterday's post on our trip to the water park) but I figure when they are almost giving them away I might as well pick some up for future purposes so I quickly grabbed a box.

I decided that on the weekend I'd head back, take some time (without the boys) and take a look around. I'm glad I did. I managed to get some shoes for J (think $5 a pair) and some more underwear for him. Here are some pictures of my mini-haul.
 photo DSC_0320_zps4b89deb8.jpg
Love these little canvas dinosaur shoes!

 photo DSC_0321_zpsab0fe31d.jpg
 photo DSC_0322_zpsafc68430.jpg
Size 8's for when his little feet get big!

 photo DSC_0324_zps23df6273.jpg
 Big boy underwear pile!

Those of you in Canada, check your local Zellers to see if they're still open. My closest one is closing in March so there isn't a lot left, but definitely worth a quick check!

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