Saturday, February 2, 2013

Getting Healthy Review

This week I've continued with my work-outs although I've stepped it up from last week. I think I fell off the wagon a bit last week in terms of my exercise and then Sunday, I jumped off into a sea of delicious food (think family get-togethers and birthdays and all the yummy that goes along with that).

I did my Couch-to-5K runs this week and I just completed Week 3! It's a tough week because the running was stepped up a bunch. This time we had to run 90 seconds, walk 90 seconds, run 3 minutes, walk 3 minutes, then repeat. I'll be honest, the 3 minutes straight scared the crap out of me! But Em and I did it and we're ready to tackle Week 4!

I'm down to 172 lbs. That's 37 lbs from my highest (the day I had A) and 20 lbs down since I've started keeping track and really working out.
Eating is getting better. Since I'm still breastfeeding A, I have 500 extra calories before I even work out. There are some days that I have absolutely no desire to even get close to eating my calories but I definitely try to get as close to the 1700 I should be having every day to keep up my supply and stay in the healthy weight-loss range. The worst are the calories that I get from exercise. I hardly ever make it to 'eating' them and even though people say you should I just feel like I'd be eating crap in order to reach them which seems counter-productive.
 This week, I plan on continuing my daily workouts (I seem to need them) and still working on my eating. I think this is going to be a constant battle with my eating because I love eating out and I have a huge sweet tooth. Hopefully it'll get easier with time.
I want to try out quinoa this week (or next). Anyone have any good sites or quinoa recipes that are delicious and kid-friendly at the same time?

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