Monday, February 18, 2013

Family Day!

In 2008, the Ontario Premier decided that we should start observing a new holiday called 'Family Day'! It's a day where workplaces and schools are closed so that families can spend a day together focusing on each other. I think it was also put in place because there were no breaks between Christmas and March Break and we need some sort of break in the middle of winter.
In honour of Family Day, I figured I'd share some pictures of my boys.

 photo PhotoGrid_1361153795022_zps6c81e32c.jpg
Playing at Grandma and Papa's is hard work!


 photo PhotoGrid_1361202509389_zps5c1e8836.jpg
J's first time skating...didn't go so well (sorry about the blurry picture, but it's a good representation of the day)

 photo PhotoGrid_1361203119644_zps8d4bf2f3.jpg
Riding on the pink/purple car and J playing with his 'petpad'

Those of you celebrating President's Day and Family Day I hope you have a fantastic day!

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