Thursday, January 10, 2013

Workout Videos I love!

Honestly, to the people walking by (especially the high school students at around 2:30), I must look like the biggest dork in the world.
I have found two 'workout videos' that I'm absolutely in love with that are helping with my weight-loss challenge.
Since I don't want to spend money going to a gym where I have to drop my boys off in order to work out, I have to do it at home. So, to assist with that goal, I headed to YouTube to see what I could find.
The first video is long, but it's a lot of fun.
It's a Zumba class run by a guy in what I'm assuming is a university fitness class. He teaches each movement before the routine goes together, but I find he does them quickly. Either way, it's fairly repetitive so it works.
The other video is by Keaira Lashae and it's absolutely awesome. I try my hardest at this video but I definitely can't do the moves like she can, hence the 'world's biggest nerd'.
I sweat at ton during this video (and it's only 25 minutes) but it's a ton of fun. Her channel on YouTube has a ton of different videos that look like a lot of fun. She is also a trainer on
Do you have any home fitness tips or free videos that you love to use? 
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