Thursday, January 24, 2013

One last Christmas Gift

I have one last Christmas gift to share with you.
It is a gift that I made, which is why it has taken this long to get them finished.
The gift is monthly dates with The Husband.
I've found that since the two boys have arrived, The Husband and I have less time together than we used to. Therefore, I hope that these monthly dates will give us the opportunity to share some time together (without screaming children).

 photo DSC_0064_zpsa7815f88.jpg

Since we both love being active, a lot of the dates involve us trying new things or getting out and being physically active. Others are nice relaxing things so that we can talk. Either way, I think they are all going to be things we'll have fun doing.

 photo DSC_0065_zpsa713d39e.jpg

 Our first date night was last week. Early last year I found a WagJag deal to go bowling and it was a deal for up to six people. So, we got together with our great friends, Emily and Ryan and went for dinner and then headed over to do some bowling.
 photo DSC_0068_zpsda1c62ba.jpg

The funny part about this bowling trip is that it is the same bowling alley I used to hang out at with friends when we were in high school. The greatest part about this bowling alley is the cosmic bowling (oh and the McDonalds drive-thru that is right nearby that we'd hit up on the way home when we were younger).

We got a couple hours of cosmic bowling (with a great DJ) and some good fun. I actually won the first game which is really strange, than The Husband warmed up and it all went downhill for me from there.

I also don't have any pictures because our date was the night before I got my new phone after the old one crapped out on me.

Each month, I'll let you know what our date is (it's a surprise for The Husband as well) and hopefully share some pictures (now that I have a working phone again).

I'll tell you now (because he read it through the envelope) that for February we are going ice skating!
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