Monday, January 7, 2013

My favourite Christmas gift

This Christmas, I received one of my favourite presents ever.
My siblings and our significant others do Secret Santa every year. This year, my sister's boyfriend ended up with my name (lucky him!).
'He' (I put in quotations because I know it was really my sister) got me a necklace from Stella & Dot that I absolutely love.

The middle disc has 'mom' written on it in different languages and it has my boys' birthstones. The reddish birthstone (looks black in the picture) is garnet for J's birthday in January and the pink one (looks white) is opal for A's birthday in October.
I absolutely love it, but A is just beginning to grab things and always manages to grab it when I'm nursing him so I haven't been wearing it too often.
My two other favourite gifts were my running mittens that I got from The Husband and a gift card to one of the local malls so that I can spend some money on myself from my parents.
What about you? What was your favourite gift?
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