Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My Bookworm Challenge

I'm so frustrated that I didn't quite finish my Bookworm Challenge. Unfortunately, I missed my goal by only two books. Ugh!
But I'd like to think I accomplished a lot.
Reading 50 books while working (and having work to do at home), raising at toddler, being pregnant and having a newborn around didn't exactly leave me a ton of time.
During the summer, when I wasn't working and had more time to myself when J napped, I got a good chunk of reading done.
It definitely slowed down around the time A was born and then again during Christmas when we were going to so many parties and dinners that I just didn't have time.
I think by far, my favourite book was Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.
Gone Girl
There were just so many interesting things happening in this book that I never expected.
I definitely recommend it if you haven't read it yet!
This year, I'm not setting a goal. I'm just planning on reading some books and enjoy them more as opposed to trying to read to reach a goal.
Do you have any reading plans this year? Any good books to recommend?

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