Monday, January 28, 2013

Missing my crafts!

I'm seriously missing being crafty.
Right now, all of my scrapbooking stuff is put away, all of my fabric is put away and all that is left out is my cake materials so that I can make my final cake this week.
Trying to move means putting craft supplies away.
I understand staging, keeping it clean, etc., but I find myself wanting to make stuff! Especially when I'm lucky enough to have both boys sleeping at the same time.
Eventually I'd like to get back to my monthly Pinterest post, where I would set my "Pinterest goals" and try to get things done by the end of the month. I miss those!
Anyway, here are a couple Pinterest things that I'd like to try within the next month or two.
1. Leprechaun pictures with the boys.

2. Cute little Mother's Day craft for the Grandmothers from the boys
Plant Pals
3. More Felt Books for gifts
What crafty things have you been up to? Or are you going through withdrawl like me?

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