Tuesday, January 29, 2013

J's new love

J has a new found love.
My mom got both J and my nephew original LeapPads for Christmas.
J is absolutely in love with his.
 photo DSC_0028_zps3d74d924.jpg
We don't have a lot of apps on it since many of them are above his comprehension level at this point, but there are a couple that he can't get enough of.
The first is one called Pet Pad. He used to play this one so often that he actually calls his LeapPad, "Pet Pad".
A second app that he loves is Art Studio. He's figured out the basics of the program and while he doesn't really draw pictures, he can stamp and colour things which keeps him occupied enough. Plus, he loves telling us what to draw.
 photo DSC_0026_zpsd71e12ae.jpg
Showing his little brother what to do!
The last one that he loves is actually a book. It's a Cars (the movie) book and all he has to do is tap the play button. After that it reads the book to him (complete with sound effects) and turns the pages at the appropriate times.
Do your kids have a LeapPad (or a LeapPad 2)? Are there any apps that you would recommend for a younger child?  
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