Sunday, January 6, 2013

J's 2nd Birthday Party

I'm exhausted!

Yesterday was J's 2nd birthday party and the theme this year was Thomas the Train!

Last year, our theme was Sesame Street. I really only used it because I love the Sesame Street stuff and I'm sure he probably won't choose it in the future.

Unfortunately, other than his baby brother, J was the only kid there. His cousins weren't able to make it because one was with his dad for the weekend and the other was sick. That didn't seem to matter though and I'm pretty sure he had a great time!

My train banner.
Thomas the train cake made by me. Those cake classes are really paying off!

J with his Thomas balloons.

Opening his presents.

His new Thomas bicycle that he can't ride outside until the spring.

Blowing out the candles!

It's amazing how quickly the 2 years have gone by! Just like Christmas, he had a better understanding of what is going on and he said "Thank You" to everyone as they were leaving.

His actual birthday was today (Sunday). He had another great day and asked for more presents after his nap. Maybe he doesn't quite understand just yet!
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