Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Daycare vs. Nanny vs. Home Daycare Setting

I'm having so much trouble with this decision.
I still have a bunch of months before I head back to work in September, but we've had to start thinking about what to do with the boys now because spots fill up.
We're looking at all of our options and there are so many pros and cons to each that it's making life really difficult.
I love J's old daycare. He was only there for 6 months, but he learned a lot and the teachers were fantastic. The administration was fantastic as well and I know my boys would do well there, but the biggest drawback is definitely the cost. It is SO expensive and would definitely drain our bank accounts quickly.
Another option is to look for a home daycare. I know these are usually cheaper but finding one in the area we might be moving to is proving to be difficult. There are a ton by my school, but I could end up being moved or choosing to move and would have to move the boys again.
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The last option is a nanny. Personally, I like this option the best. I like the idea of not having to wake my boys up in the morning if they are still sleeping in order to drag them off to daycare. I like thinking that J can hang out in his pjs if he wants to all day just like he does with me. The one off-putting thing is that there will be a strange person at the house. I guess they eventually become like part of the family (we'd have a live-out nanny), but still.
The other part that is making this choice difficult is the fact that I have summers off. The daycare that J went to would still have me pay for daycare even though I'd have the boys home with me. The home daycare might be a little more flexible. In terms of a nanny, I'm not sure how this would work.
Do you have any insight into this? The Husband and I are flip-flopping around with each option (ok, it's really me flip-flopping). There's also the possibility that a third little munchkin might come along and I'd be able to stay home for another year. Either way, I'm heading back to work in September until June at least and as much as I'd love to bring them with me I can't.
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I really don't even want to think about leaving these two!
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