Monday, December 3, 2012

Weekly Planning

Well, my weight loss was going well. I managed to get down to 181 lbs this past week.
However, yesterday, I went to a cookie exchange party with 14 attendees. That means 14 different types of cookies, squares and bars to take home. Luckily, we only take home 6 of each, but still! There's a lot of baked goodies on the counter right now.
Also, I haven't been exercising as much as I should be. DH and I are making a plan that after J goes down for the night, one of us is going to take time to work out (i.e. go for a run or bike ride). that way we still get a chance to do something but the other only has to look after one child.
I'm hoping that will help!
In terms of my eating, it wasn't the greatest week last week. I felt as though I was two steps behind on my eating, so this week I'm going to get ahead!
Here's my meal plan:
Tuesday - Chicken fingers, Skinnytaste Sweet Potato Fries
Wednesday - Soup, Salad (and steak for DH)
Thursday - Skinnytaste Meatball Subs with salad
Friday - Out with friends
Saturday - Pizza pockets

I'm going to try hard to stay on track this week. I need to start being more diligent about watching what I eat; especially with the holidays coming along!
Any tips for eating healthy during the holidays? Are there any healthy recipes you're willing to share?

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