Friday, December 21, 2012

My boys suck at sleeping

I need help.
My boys suck at sleeping.
J has rarely been a good sleeper. He didn't sleep through the night until he was 10 months old and even then it was few and far between. It got more consistent when he went to daycare because his naps weren't as long and they wore him out during the day.
What happens when he doesn't take a nap earlier in the day
(this is around 5:30 right around grocery shopping)
I figured there might be some regression once he was home during the day again, which there was and then I figured there would be another when A arrived. Again, it happened and he went back to normal. These past couple of weeks have been torture! We are fine with letting him crying it out and some days we've been dealing with it for over 45 minutes. I'm hoping it's just teeth or separation anxiety, but I'm hoping it doesn't last long either!
I'm also anticipating it will happen when we move him to a toddler bed.
A is a totally different beast!
His sleeping at night is fantastic. At least it is once you get him down. It takes forever to get him asleep and there's usually a lot of screaming involved (from both him and me). Naps during the day are hit or miss. Some days he'll nap really well and others he's up all day and I can't get anything done.
Shhh! The beast is asleep!
I've tried the "put him down when sleepy, but not asleep" trick and it doesn't work. He is fully awake again as soon as I put him down and starts to scream.
Tonight, I'm going to try doing his last feeding while he's swaddled and using the sleep sheep to see if that will help.
I'm trying to avoid using a pacifier at night so that I don't have a bigger habit to break later but in all honesty, I'm not totally against using it.
Do you have any ideas of how to help either child sleep? I'm at a loss!
The only saving grace, I'm on maternity leave for another 9 months so I've got some time to figure it out.
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