Monday, December 3, 2012

Mommy Confessions

This week's Toddle Along Tuesday is all about Mommy Confessions.
Here goes nothing:
- I still haven't figured out how to get both kids into the car when in a parking lot. I feel bad just leaving A on the ground but J can move. It's so confusing to me!

- I ate way too many cookies and didn't put them in MyFitnessPal for two reasons - 1. I can't be bothered to look up all of the calorie counts for all the different ones and 2. I don't want to see how many calories are in them.

- I like watching the Bubble Guppies, the Octonauts and Mike the Knight. I find them quite entertaining (and I actually learn facts from the Octonauts!)

- I spend way too much money on the boys and I'm pretty sure I have some sort of spending/shopping addiction

- Since having A, the majority of days I'm in my pjs until J goes down for his nap at 1:00 (unless we have somewhere to be in the morning)

- I can't keep the dining room table clean. Ever.

- There are definitely family members I'm not looking forward to seeing at Christmas.

- I suck at baking but want to decorate cakes for a side job. Definitely need to get this figured out.

- if I had $50 million, I would probably have 5 or 6 kids

And my last confession:

- I'm really hoping that being pregnant with A wasn't the last time I'm going to be pregnant. I already miss A being very little and already miss being pregnant and the anticipation that comes with being pregnant.

Is this my last pregnancy picture? I hope not!

What are your confessions?

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