Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Decorations

I decided I'd show your the Christmas decorations and ornaments in our house. Honestly, I love Christmas and wish my house would look like the department store in Elf.

Unfortunately, it doesn't, but I do love some of the decorations we have.

Most of our decorations are on our tree but there are some others scattered throughout the house.
A sign in the bathroom, a little reindeer candle over the stove, gingerbread tree, hand towels

Our stockings

Some of the ornaments from the tree.

The boys' first Christmas ornaments!

My favourite ornament!

Next year, I'm going all out. Most rooms will have something Christmas-y. We'll have a big tree as a opposed to our Charlie Brown tree and we'll have the lights back up on the house.

The only crappy part about having a ton of stuff - taking it all down. Luckily, that's still a couple weeks away!
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