Sunday, November 18, 2012

Weekly Planning

My week went well, but not great (again!)
I didn't reach my goals of 30 Day Shred and walking.
I did 30 Day Shred two days, spent an hour cleaning the house (thinking hands and knees scrubbing floors and bathrooms) and walked around the mall for a few hours on the Friday.
This week's goals:
- 4 days of 30 Day Shred (dependent on naptime)
- out for walks 3 days
I did manage to lose a 1 lb. this week so I'm at
183 lbs.
Which means there is only 3 more pounds until my pre-pregnancy weight with A. I'm getting there! My parents have noticed that I'm losing some weight (or are they just being nice?)
Dinners were a little tougher this week since it's very hard to get groceries with the two boys. I didn't make the crab cakes and soup and sandwiches turned into a Caesar salad but I stayed within my calorie limit most of the week and if I went over it wasn't by much. However, the choices I'm making aren't the best.
 Canada's Food Guide is arranged as a rainbow, with fruits and vegetables making up the largest component.
I need to follow this better!
This week's menu plan is easy because when my in-laws visited this weekend they brought a ton of frozen meals! So we have some meatballs, shepard's pie and pasta. Not overly excited, but it doesn't mean I have to cook!

How are your weight loss journeys going?

I'd love to swap some encouragement on MyFitnessPal! I love checking out what other people are eating for ideas and I find that having people follow me keeps me on track so please follow me! My username is vmackasey.

I'm also looking for tips on staying on track during the holidays as well as running in cold weather and the best clothing to wear when I run.

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