Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The best mommy tool ever!

I was recently given the chance to review, what is think, is one of the best products for new mothers out there.
It's called the itzbeen Pocket Nanny.
The itzbeen Pocket Nanny is a lifesaver. Essentially, it keeps track of all things baby especially during the time when Mommy and Daddy are lacking sleep and remembering details is difficult or in my case when the toddler (J) distracts you enough that you can't remember how long it was since the baby ate. This handy gadget does all the work for you.

The timers keep track of how long it has been (hence itzbeen) since you last fed or changed the baby, as well as how long they've been awake or asleep. There is also one spot for you to time whatever you would like. In our case, we use it to track how long it has been since we changed J's diaper. You can also change the setting so that it counts down from a set time and an alarm goes off to let you know it's time to feed the baby, change their diaper or get them up from a nap (like that ever happens)!

The best part is that it is easily handed off to whomever is watching baby next. It's worked really well when The Husband has taken care of the boys while I'm decorating cakes. I'm able to know exactly when A needs his next feeding when I return home.
Other great features include:
- Nursing reminder (which side last)
- Button lock (so J can't change the times)
- Nightlight
- Backlight for times
- Back Clip
- Choice of 3 colours

This is definitely my new go-to expectant mommy shower gift!

Check out the itzbeen Pocket Nanny's website for locations to buy this essential mommy tool!
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