Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sunday Planning

I've decided that each Sunday, I'm going to do some planning. I'm going to do some meal and fitness planning since I'm trying to get myself back into shape.

I admit that when I had J, I had planned to get back into shape however, that never really happened and I started my pregnancy with A at a much higher weight than I wanted to be.

Now that I've had him, I figure it's time to get back into shape and to do so I've signed myself up for a 5K in May. Therefore, I have some work to do and I think being signed up for the race will be motivation!

However, being only 5 weeks out from giving birth, my body is not ready to get running or doing any vigorous physical activity.

Part of this getting back into shape is meal planning (which will also help financially).

Here we go:

My starting weight was 190 lbs which was a couple weeks ago.

My weigh-in days are Sunday and when I weighed myself this morning I weighed:

184 lbs!

That's a 6 lb difference. Not too shabby.

That also puts me 4 lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight with A.

For my fitness plan for the week:

 Take the boys for a walk 5 days this week
(mall walking counts because it is starting to get really cold!)

 I've been told about this amazing site called Skinnytaste and some of the delicious recipes so I'm going to start adding some of these recipes to my repertoire each week and I've put in the links so next week I'll let you know how they taste!

Here's our meal plan for the week:

Monday - Skinny Italian Turkey Meatball sandwiches
Tuesday - Pasta with leftover meatballs
Wednesday - Chicken fingers, Sweet Potato Fries, peas
Thursday - Baked Potato Soup
Friday - Homemade Pizza
Saturday - Leftovers
Sunday  - Pulled pork sandwiches
I also have a goal to track on MyFitnessPal everyday this week. If you want to follow along on MFP and help keep me accountable my user name is vmackasey.

Right now, I'm also looking for advice on stretching. If you have any videos or websites that you believe are great for stretching exercises or even yoga please let me know! I'll definitely share them next week!
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