Friday, November 16, 2012

Saturday's Laughs

It's been a fairly funny week around here. So sit back, relax and have a laugh!
1. This first one isn't really a laugh, but it definitely makes one smiles. A has started to smile at the ripe ol' age of 6 weeks and I love it. I can't get enough of it.

2. J decided to pull the laptop off the table this week and it was probably because he wasn't getting attention at that particular moment. I was feeding A so I was slightly pre-occupied. I couldn't really discipline him by taking him away from his toys because A was half-asleep/half-eating so I told J to "Sit!" just like one would tell a puppy to sit and told him not to touch anything. I kept looking back to make sure he was just sitting there and he looked at me with the cutest little grin, said "hay-woah" and waved. I had to turn and look the other way as fast as I could so he wouldn't see me giggle.
3. J has a Toy Story foam chair that he pulls up to the table to have a snack or even lunch or dinner if he's lucky. He's started trying to rock back and forth in it and actually ended up tipping himself over. While lying on his back, he continue to try to eat his grilled cheese.

4. One of our many outfit choices this week:

5. We went with my sister to the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair and on the way home my two boys fell asleep and we figured my nephew was on his way out as well. Unfortunately he wasn't, fortunately he was listening to our conversation so I could tell you this gem. My sister and I were chatting and I mentioned that my eyebrows were beginning to look like I had caterpillars above my eyes and that I needed to get them done sometime soon. My nephew says "Auntie Victoria, can I see the caterpillars above your eyes?"
Out of the mouths of babes :)
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