Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My New Hair!

I finally had enough!
I'm not one to love my hair. In fact, I hate it. Everyone always mentions the curls and how nice it is, but really, it isn't curly. It's frizzy. It starts out curly, stays curly for 15-20 minutes and then gets frizzy.

Here are some pictures of what normally goes on
(sorry for the pregnancy pictures but they show the hair best!)
To make life easier I just put it up.
Or I'd straighten it, which used to take awhile.
So I got it cut off. Here's what it looks like now (just showered with mousse).
It forces me to wear it down and actually have to do something with it. I can still get it into a little ponytail so I can get it out of my face if necessary.
I had an amazing hair dresser who actually did what I asked of him. Most hair dressers tell me that I need to have layers and that I can't cut it too short or the curls will look funny, but Enrique listened and I'm quite pleased!
What do you think?
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