Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday Planning

 Here's my check-in and planning for the week (a little late)!

Fitness & Weight Loss

Not great, but not horrible either.

I'm still 184 lbs which is nice because it's not a gain, but sucky because it's not a loss.

Didn't get out walking or exercising as much as I would have liked either.

I wanted to go for a rollerblade this weekend, but was at the whim of a breastfed baby who was supposed to wake up within a half hour to eat and actually continued to sleep for another hour and a half. Meh! It happens!

This week A is 6 weeks, which is when most people get the clearance to workout and get back to normal. I don't see my OB until 8 weeks, but I'm going to pretend I got the A-OK to go ahead.

This week's goal:

30 Day Shred - at least 4 times this week
Walking/Running - at least 2 times this week


The recipes last week were a big hit with The Husband and I'm hoping to try one or two more this week:
Monday - Out for dinner (first time since A was born!)
Tuesday - Meat Loaf with Skinny Garlic Mashed Potatoes
Wednesday - Chicken Fingers, Sweet Potato Fries, Mixed Veggies
Friday - Soup and sandwiches
Saturday - Pizza Pockets
Sunday - Autumn Penne Pasta with Sauteed Brussels Sprouts
Other - Low-Fat Banana Nut Bread

I also have to decide which cookies I'm going to make for a cookie exchange I'm going to on December 1st. I won for favourite cookie last year with my Soft Ginger Cookies so I'm looking for the repeat! If you have any amazing cookie recipes please let me know!
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