Thursday, November 29, 2012

I'm glad I'm not a photographer...

...or I'd have no money.
I tried to take pictures of the boys in their Christmas pjs today to use for Christmas cards. I figured I should probably get on that so that I can get them ordered and mail before March (at the rate at which I'm going).
I lost my patience so fast!
I'm trying to get each boy separately and then one together so you'd figure it shouldn't be that difficult! Especially with a 2 month old who pretty much just lies there and smiles when I sing songs.
Apparently, the 2 month old stops smiling when I put on Christmas pjs and starts crying instead.
Don't even get me started on J!
I just wanted him to sit on a step. I didn't ask for a smile; he doesn't even need to be looking at the camera, just in the general direction. Well, that was impossible. He wanted to sit where he wanted to sit, at the bottom of the stairs.
I'm going to try again tomorrow, but I wanted to share this picture that was taken by Emily Krbec, who did our newborn shoot. I was thinking of using this picture because I love it in general. I see it as a canvas print somewhere in our house, but I don't love it on our Christmas cards. A looks so little and he's changed so much since then!
So kudos to all you wonderful photographers that take pictures of kids (and animals)! I couldn't do it!

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