Thursday, November 29, 2012

I'm glad I'm not a photographer...

...or I'd have no money.
I tried to take pictures of the boys in their Christmas pjs today to use for Christmas cards. I figured I should probably get on that so that I can get them ordered and mail before March (at the rate at which I'm going).
I lost my patience so fast!
I'm trying to get each boy separately and then one together so you'd figure it shouldn't be that difficult! Especially with a 2 month old who pretty much just lies there and smiles when I sing songs.
Apparently, the 2 month old stops smiling when I put on Christmas pjs and starts crying instead.
Don't even get me started on J!
I just wanted him to sit on a step. I didn't ask for a smile; he doesn't even need to be looking at the camera, just in the general direction. Well, that was impossible. He wanted to sit where he wanted to sit, at the bottom of the stairs.
I'm going to try again tomorrow, but I wanted to share this picture that was taken by Emily Krbec, who did our newborn shoot. I was thinking of using this picture because I love it in general. I see it as a canvas print somewhere in our house, but I don't love it on our Christmas cards. A looks so little and he's changed so much since then!
So kudos to all you wonderful photographers that take pictures of kids (and animals)! I couldn't do it!

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

12 Days of Christmas Holiday Giveaways

In the past year and a half that I have been blogging, I have become part of a group of fellow mommy bloggers. This group shares tips, frustrations and helps each other troubleshoot issues.
Four of these lovely ladies are hosting the 12 Days Of Christmas Holiday Giveaway. The items they are giving away are awesome! Most of the giveaways are running for an entire week so there is lots of time to enter still.
Read about each blog and their giveaways below, then click on the links or pictures and they'll take you right to the blog to enter away!
12 days of giveaways on 4 different blogs, offering various items for you and your family, varying from blog to blog! November 26th - December 7th.
Our lovely hostesses ...

Real Life Reality

  First time momma to a soon-to-be 2 year old girl, turned single one year in. Living life one day at a time, keeping a positive attitude at all times! Life experiences, photos galore, fashion, health and fitness, tons of giveaways and so much more.
12 daily Giveaways include companies such as ThirtyOne Gifts, Riff Raff, Truly Sanctuary, Chaos & Love, Happy Family and many more awesome vendors/companies featuring clothing, children's gifts, organic toddler food, hand made items, cool gifts and more. Visit me now!

Moments That Take My Breath Away

Former librarian turned stay at home mom to our 22 month old daughter Grace and 1 month old son Connor. I love sharing our daily adventures and I often feature our favorite books and money saving tips.
12 Daily Giveaways include some great items for everyone in the family such as a bag from Thirty One, a recordable story book from Hallmark, several pieces of beautiful jewelry, and an 8x10 photo canvas. Visit me now!

My Messmerized Life

A blog focused on everyday life, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Facing real life challenges including struggles through miscarriages and pregnancy. Capturing memories of our young daughter blooming into a spunky toddler. Finding frugal ways to keep our house fresh and up to date but also kid proof. Crafting, DIYing, fashion, food, and more!
12 Daily Giveaways include home d├ęcor, clothing for men, women & children accessories, skin care products, toys & books, home fragrances, customizable items and more! Visit me now!

Chaos & Love

  A blog about my life as a working mom of two boys and the wife of a chef. I practice cooking, attempt to meal plan, think out loud about crafting and write about the daily happenings in our lives.
12 Daily Giveaways include many of the things that I write about on my blog - organization, jewelry, the Paleo lifestyle and more. Visit me now!
Be sure to visit each blog each day for a chance to win a different item! Good luck!
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The best mommy tool ever!

I was recently given the chance to review, what is think, is one of the best products for new mothers out there.
It's called the itzbeen Pocket Nanny.
The itzbeen Pocket Nanny is a lifesaver. Essentially, it keeps track of all things baby especially during the time when Mommy and Daddy are lacking sleep and remembering details is difficult or in my case when the toddler (J) distracts you enough that you can't remember how long it was since the baby ate. This handy gadget does all the work for you.

The timers keep track of how long it has been (hence itzbeen) since you last fed or changed the baby, as well as how long they've been awake or asleep. There is also one spot for you to time whatever you would like. In our case, we use it to track how long it has been since we changed J's diaper. You can also change the setting so that it counts down from a set time and an alarm goes off to let you know it's time to feed the baby, change their diaper or get them up from a nap (like that ever happens)!

The best part is that it is easily handed off to whomever is watching baby next. It's worked really well when The Husband has taken care of the boys while I'm decorating cakes. I'm able to know exactly when A needs his next feeding when I return home.
Other great features include:
- Nursing reminder (which side last)
- Button lock (so J can't change the times)
- Nightlight
- Backlight for times
- Back Clip
- Choice of 3 colours

This is definitely my new go-to expectant mommy shower gift!

Check out the itzbeen Pocket Nanny's website for locations to buy this essential mommy tool!
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Monday, November 26, 2012

TAT - My Hobbies

Sorry I haven't posted for a bit. We were at my in-laws for the weekend for some crazy cousin/grandparent time so I took a break while we were there to get some reading and relaxing done.
Today's Toddle Along Topic is hobbies!
I'd like to think I have some hobbies or things that I wish I could spend more time on!
I consider crafting in general a hobby. This includes sewing, scrapbooking, card making, quilting, DIY, cake decorating, etc. I love creating things. I don't think I'm creative enough to come up with my own ideas for things, I either use patterns (specifically for sewing/quilting) or use other examples and try to "make it my own".
Want instructions on how to make these? Click the picture!
Another big hobby of mine is reading. I love reading. I've loved reading since I was a little kid. I can easily get caught up and lost in a book and read it within a day or two. Part of it is enjoyment, but part of it is also the stimulation my brain gets from it. I love figuring out new words to add to my vocabulary that I find in books. I mostly read fiction because I like how it takes me away from my current world for a bit (the chaos of 2u2 specifically!)
Pamela Moore / Getty Images
My favourite hobby is definitely my participation in sports. I love being active. However, being pregnant twice has taken the ability to participate away. I understand, you can still exercise when you're pregnant, but that's not what I like the most. I've been playing t-ball/softball since I was 5 (so for 25 years) and love playing, both of which you aren't allowed to do when you're pregnant (not by my choice though). I'm hoping to get into running soon too.
So what are you hobbies? What do you like about them? Or maybe you don't have any hobbies and are looking for some ideas! Head over to Growing Up Geeky to check out some other lovely mommy hobbies.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My New Hair!

I finally had enough!
I'm not one to love my hair. In fact, I hate it. Everyone always mentions the curls and how nice it is, but really, it isn't curly. It's frizzy. It starts out curly, stays curly for 15-20 minutes and then gets frizzy.

Here are some pictures of what normally goes on
(sorry for the pregnancy pictures but they show the hair best!)
To make life easier I just put it up.
Or I'd straighten it, which used to take awhile.
So I got it cut off. Here's what it looks like now (just showered with mousse).
It forces me to wear it down and actually have to do something with it. I can still get it into a little ponytail so I can get it out of my face if necessary.
I had an amazing hair dresser who actually did what I asked of him. Most hair dressers tell me that I need to have layers and that I can't cut it too short or the curls will look funny, but Enrique listened and I'm quite pleased!
What do you think?
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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - What we did on Tuesday

Matchy-matchy (J chose to make them match...I swear)!
J's first swimming lessons (getting ready to jump)!
Hanging out at the swimming lessons (not as fun)
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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Weekly Planning

My week went well, but not great (again!)
I didn't reach my goals of 30 Day Shred and walking.
I did 30 Day Shred two days, spent an hour cleaning the house (thinking hands and knees scrubbing floors and bathrooms) and walked around the mall for a few hours on the Friday.
This week's goals:
- 4 days of 30 Day Shred (dependent on naptime)
- out for walks 3 days
I did manage to lose a 1 lb. this week so I'm at
183 lbs.
Which means there is only 3 more pounds until my pre-pregnancy weight with A. I'm getting there! My parents have noticed that I'm losing some weight (or are they just being nice?)
Dinners were a little tougher this week since it's very hard to get groceries with the two boys. I didn't make the crab cakes and soup and sandwiches turned into a Caesar salad but I stayed within my calorie limit most of the week and if I went over it wasn't by much. However, the choices I'm making aren't the best.
 Canada's Food Guide is arranged as a rainbow, with fruits and vegetables making up the largest component.
I need to follow this better!
This week's menu plan is easy because when my in-laws visited this weekend they brought a ton of frozen meals! So we have some meatballs, shepard's pie and pasta. Not overly excited, but it doesn't mean I have to cook!

How are your weight loss journeys going?

I'd love to swap some encouragement on MyFitnessPal! I love checking out what other people are eating for ideas and I find that having people follow me keeps me on track so please follow me! My username is vmackasey.

I'm also looking for tips on staying on track during the holidays as well as running in cold weather and the best clothing to wear when I run.

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Friday, November 16, 2012

Saturday's Laughs

It's been a fairly funny week around here. So sit back, relax and have a laugh!
1. This first one isn't really a laugh, but it definitely makes one smiles. A has started to smile at the ripe ol' age of 6 weeks and I love it. I can't get enough of it.

2. J decided to pull the laptop off the table this week and it was probably because he wasn't getting attention at that particular moment. I was feeding A so I was slightly pre-occupied. I couldn't really discipline him by taking him away from his toys because A was half-asleep/half-eating so I told J to "Sit!" just like one would tell a puppy to sit and told him not to touch anything. I kept looking back to make sure he was just sitting there and he looked at me with the cutest little grin, said "hay-woah" and waved. I had to turn and look the other way as fast as I could so he wouldn't see me giggle.
3. J has a Toy Story foam chair that he pulls up to the table to have a snack or even lunch or dinner if he's lucky. He's started trying to rock back and forth in it and actually ended up tipping himself over. While lying on his back, he continue to try to eat his grilled cheese.

4. One of our many outfit choices this week:

5. We went with my sister to the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair and on the way home my two boys fell asleep and we figured my nephew was on his way out as well. Unfortunately he wasn't, fortunately he was listening to our conversation so I could tell you this gem. My sister and I were chatting and I mentioned that my eyebrows were beginning to look like I had caterpillars above my eyes and that I needed to get them done sometime soon. My nephew says "Auntie Victoria, can I see the caterpillars above your eyes?"
Out of the mouths of babes :)
Need some laughs? Come check out some other Saturday laughs over at 
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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Eeep! I'm Falling Behind!

Holy crap! It's getting close to the end of the year and I'm still 8 books away from my goal of 52 books in 52 weeks Bookworm Challenge!
I figured it would be tricky to keep up once A arrived and boy is it ever!
I'm at 44 of 52 so I need to get caught up.
Right now, I'm reading The Tennis Party by Madeleine Wickham.
Up next will be Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.
Gone Girl: A Novel
After that, I'm looking for quick, easy reads because with the holidays coming up I'm sure my reading time will be limited, but I still want to accomplish my goal.
Any recommendations!?
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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Our trip to the Royal Winter Fair (with my sister and my nephew):

Checking out the cows

Feeding the llamas

Waiting for our pizza
Eating pizza like a big boy!

Laughs with his cousin

Cool dude or tired toddler?
What A did majority of the time (sleep)
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