Friday, October 12, 2012

Toddler Craft Time!

I love being crafty (if you can't tell) and I love getting J to do some crafts with me. When I was younger I used to work at a day camp where I got to create crafts to do with the kids. This year, I was supposed to be teaching Kindergarten, but had a baby instead. So I use my craftiness to engage J.
I decided to make a fall apple with him.
The final product
First I did hand-over-hand (held J's hand) and drew an 'apple' shape on a piece of paper. It's a little wonky, but it's toddler art, not necessarily gallery work!
After that, I cut up some squares of red construction paper and J used a paintbrush to spread some glue on the apple shape (with some help).
Yes, we craft without pants on!
Almost done!
Once he finished gluing the pieces (and he had to glue every piece I cut) I used a crayon to draw the leaf and the stem at the top of the apple.
The plan was to create a red, yellow and green apple, but we didn't get around to the other two colours.
He was really excited to show it to The Husband when he came home from work, especially since he knows the word apple.
The best part about this craft is the easy clean-up. You can cut the squares as you go so there aren't a lot of little pieces and I controlled the glue so it didn't get everywhere.
Can't wait to do some more crafting with him. He really enjoys it!
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