Monday, October 8, 2012

Toddle Along Tuesday

This week's Toddle Along Tuesday topic is funny/quirky baby or toddler habits.
 Since A is only a week old, he doesn't really have any funny habits just yet. Although his stretches are quite cute as are some of his expressions, but we'll do a post on that later.
The funniest thing J does currently is ask to watch the Bubble Guppies all.the.time!
I admit, the last month of my pregnancy, he watched a lot more TV than he probably should have been, but there was only so much energy I had during the day to do things with him. He got hooked on the Guppies.
Actually, according to him, it's the Buppies. He's combined the two words to make his very own show title.

He gets to watch three episodes of the Bubble Guppies a day. One when he first wakes up in the morning with his milk, one after his nap and one before bed. I know he's picked up some things from it and a lot of the time we talk and dance during it too.
However, there are times when he enters the "Bubble Guppie trance" and nothing can break it (except maybe Grandma showing up).
Here is a picture of this trance:

There's almost no way to break it until the episode ends!
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