Monday, October 29, 2012

TAT - Christmas Wishlists for the Boys

Honestly, there are so many toys that I would love to buy my kids. However, we already have a ton of toys and we don't have a lot of space. Despite that, they will still be getting some Christmas gifts.
J's list
Cars movie

We watched the first movie one night on TV and J keeps asking for it. The Husband is going to see if he can find any special edition pack for Christmas. I'm also going to try to find a pair of Cars slippers for his stocking.

 I'd love to get this for J to use. I'm sure he'll be a little young for it at first and he'll need some help, but introducing him to technology at his age is important and if he has his own machine he won't need to use ours as much (i.e. not destroy the keyboard of the laptop!)

Ikea Mala Easel in Review
 J loves drawing, colouring and painting, but it's not readily available for him to do. I'd love to have an easel set up where he can go and colour whenever he wants or ask to paint. Space is an issue, but hopefully we can work around that. I'm also worried that he'll translate colouring on an easel to colouring on walls, but hopefully we can catch that!

Quiet Book

I've been planning on making J a quiet book for awhile now (as evidenced by my Pinterest board). I'm hoping to get one done by Christmas but I do have a lot of crafty Christmas projects I want to do!

Because J's birthday is so close to Christmas and he has very generous aunts, uncles and grandparents, I decided to make a wishlist for J on the Toys 'r' Us website so I don't have to answer the "What does he want/need question" over and over.

Gifts for A

Well, A is pretty simple considering he'll be a little less than 3 months come Christmas. Technically, he doesn't need anything because he has no clue. However, I'm probably going to get him a gift or two.

Play cube
 I figure J will probably play with this but I hope that A will eventually play with it too.

Plush Toys
giggle gang
I'll probably get him a couple little toys that are different from the ones J has.
I made one of these for J about a year ago. I'll make one for A of course and it'll count as one of his presents. Again, he won't be able to use or look at it right away, but it's the thought that counts.

Like I said above, the boys have a very generous family so I'm expecting them to be spoiled over and over again. However, I can't wait for this Christmas, because I think J might actually have a clue of what is happening this year and I hope I won't have to fight to keep him away from the tree as much either!

Need ideas? Head over to Growing up Geeky and check out to see what others have on their lists!
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