Saturday, October 13, 2012

Saturday's Top Laughs

Now that we have gotten A settled into our routine a little bit more I figured I'd share some of the good laughs the boys have given me this week. I only have 3 this week though. My brain is on vacation and this is really all I can remember.

1. The Husband and I have discussed how A doesn't really spit up much nor does he burp very often (you can see where this is going) when I burp him. Well, I fed him, burped him for what I felt was a significant amount of time (believe it was a while) and then passed him off to The Husband to snuggle. Of course, he spits up. Not only was it all over his blanket, it was all over The Husband's clean clothes (he's just finished laundry) and all down himself from mouth to toes. Pretty much his entire meal. We cleaned him up and literally 2 minutes later he pooped.
2. J loves when his little brother is in the bouncer. This morning he decided to 'help' the bouncer along while A was sitting in it. He grabbed each side and started bouncing it up and down. A was strapped in (thankfully) and when I ran over to stop J, A's eyes were wide open and his mouth was in a little 'o' shape! I think it was the ride of his life (thus far)!
3. One morning while I was feeding A, J decided to go hunting through my closet where I tend to hide his gifts. On this particular morning, he found a package of Cars stickers. He doesn't like having stickers on his hand, so instead I let him put them on my hand and arm. From there, it extended to putting stickers on A's pyjamas and eventually onto A's hand. A had to stretch and the sticker ended up on his head. Well, J took that as A's head was now the sticker book. He ended up with stickers all over by the time we said to stop.

I'm linking up over at The Mommyhood Chronicles for Saturday's Top Five Laughs. If you want some more laughs go read some of the other blogs. There are definitely some hilarious moments in there!
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